Suspended Certificates

Bathroom and Toilet Units
1997/251: Rocla bathroom & toilet units 2008-11-02 Rocla (Pty) Ltd
Concrete: Additives
2000/282: Oxyfibre Cryplon Fibres 2000-10-02 Oxyfibre (Pty) Ltd
1998/265: Exterior Insulation Facade System 2008-11-02 Guy Bright (Pty) Ltd
2011/392: Geberit HDPE Above Ground Soil 2011-11-24 Geberit Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd
2011/393: Geberit Pluvia Syphonic Roof Drainage System 2011-11-24 Geberit Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd
2005/317: Quick Sill 2005-08-08 Quick Sill cc
Roofing Products
1991/217 (Reappraisal 1998) Harveytile Roofing System 1998-07-14 Harveytile Roofing Products (Pty) Ltd
1996/248: Klip-Lok Roof Sheeting/Side-cladding 2008-11-02 Brownbuilt Metal Sections
2006/321: Arma Tile Roofing System 2006-03-15 Brownbuilt Metal Sections
2006/326(Amended August 2007):"Nam-Tex"White Roofing Undertile Membrane 2007-08-15 Nampak L & CP
2008/340: Roofproof 400 Non Woven Undertile Membrane 2008-11-02 Astrapak Kwazulu-Natal (Pty) Ltd
2011/386:Cyclo Roof Tiles 2011-06-01 Cyclocor (Pty) Ltd
Wall Coatings
2003/294: Unicemtex cementitious wall coating 2003-02-26 Union Flooring Tiles (Pty) Ltd
2003/295: Duoflex acrylic modified cementitious wall coating 2003-02-26 Union Flooring Tiles (Pty) Ltd
2003/297: Africote Cement Naturals RPR Coating System 2003-05-28 International Natural Stone (Pty) Ltd t/a Africote
2003/298: Africote Liquid Naturals RPR Coating System 2003-05-28 International Natural Stone (Pty) Ltd t/a Africote
2005/318: Plaster Technology Kolorcote-T 24 Hour RPR Paint C 2005-08-22 International Natural Stone (Pty) Ltd t/a Africote
2009/338: Fibrecote Fibre Reinforced Plaster 2007-12-12 Imison (Pty) Ltd
2012/410: StuccoMax 2012-08-15 GigaCrete Inc.
2012/411:PlasterMax 2012-08-15 GigaCrete Inc.
2012/421: Mega Grip Bonding Liquid 2012-12-12 Hygiene Chemical Manufacturers cc
Walling and Building Systems
1990/M26(Reappraisal 1997): Masonite Hardboard Dry-Fill Building System 2008-11-02 Masonite (Africa) Ltd
1998/267(Amended March 2001): Styrox Building System 2001-03-07 Styrox Holdings (Pty) Ltd
2005/319: Affordable Comfort Homes 2005-11-23 Thyssenkrupp Hoesch Bausysteme GmbH
2006/324:Protea Umbono Building System: Amendment 2008-11-02 Protea FSG
2006/327: Rhinowall Walling System 2006-12-11 BPB Gypsum (Pty) Ltd
2007/335: Micro-concrete cladding building system 2008-11-02 Anton Bonacich cc
2008/345: InnoBlok® (Insulating Hollow Concrete Blocks) 2008-11-07 Datel Consulting T/A Datlink Insulation
2009/363: Insulated Concrete Panel Building System 2009-12-02 Winterstrand Construction cc
2010/379 (Amended July 2012): LEPA Building System 2010-12-06 LWP Holdings (Pty) Ltd
2010/380: Ikhaya Brick Building System 2010-12-06 Amakhaya Technologies (PTY) Ltd
2011/390: Rapidwall Building System 2011-09-09 Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) and Fos
2012/404: E-Brick Building System 2013-09-04 Nata Construction (Pty) Ltd
2012/405: Envirowall Building System 2013-05-06 Greggon Properties cc
2013/438: Coffor Structural Formwork Building System 2013-07-04 Hosane Engineering and Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd
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